D2 Racing Air Suspension for a viarity of vehicles.


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The D2 Gold Kit is a height based digital management system that features 4 user definable preset heights and individual four corner air spring control. D2 Gold management allows for height/pressure adjustments and included height sensors give the system the ability to automatically adapt to vehicle load changes. The wireless digital controller displays all four bag pressures, as well as the tank pressure. The controller uses an OLED adjustable colour display with user loadable wallpaper on start-up / standby, as well as a wireless key fob for quick and easy activation of the 4 ride height presets as well as a rise on start feature. All our kits come pre laid out on a carpeted board with all fittings needed to do a full install on your car.


Key Features

  • Height sensors give the system the ability to automatically adapt to vehicle load changes.
  • Accurate control for each corner
  • Wireless pre-set key fob.
  • Rechargeable wireless controller with 5 adjustable illumination colours.
  • Antenna wireless range.
  • Durable double bellow / sleeve style air springs
  • 36 levels of adjustable damping on front and rear mono-tube shocks.
  • Not only can you adjust the height using air pressure but also adjust the maximum and minimum ride height using the threaded lower mounts on front struts and rear shocks to match up a body kit or to get the desired ride height.
  • Modifying the upper mount, cutting the car body or welding is not required when fitting our kit to the vehicle unlike other brands.
  • 6mm air line for accurate and smooth adjustment.
  • Camber adjustable pillow ball top mounts* (Model dependent)
  • Tyre pressure gauge can be connected.
  • Up to 200mm Drop over OEM height**
  • The speed of ride height is only 4-7 seconds.
  • 5 Gallon stainless steel air tank, powerful 485C VIAIR compressor
  • 4 user definable ride height presets.
  • Rise on start.
  • Park brake safety system..
  • User definable wallpaper for standby mode.
  • Adjustable solenoid valve speeds.
  • Serviceable valves and pressure sensors.
  • Height warning.
  • Billet aluminium manifold block.
  • Billet aluminium ECU housing.
  • Adjustable pressure switch (150 / 175 / 200psi).
  • Compressor voltage cut off.
  • Compressor overload cut off.


D2 Racing Gold Kit


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