The debut of Stance Fever was back in 2014, two friends known as Nick & Faz with a goal to have there own car show. Nick the man who has been running a UK car club for over 10 years, promoting & hosting some of the UK's biggest meets and events around the South East. Faz is the king of Tyre Stretch & runs a tyre firm in Hertfordshire with customers traveling from all over the UK. Both drive awesome Show cars and are well known in the car scene. Nick with his Juiced Astra GSI Irn-Bru & Faz with his Bagged e30 vert.

The First Instalment

They both decided to organise a car show at the Famous ACE CAFE LONDON in 2014 under the name Stance Fever. The show was easily outgrown on their first event.

Back to the drawing board for 2015.........


They both managed to find a location bigger than the previous year. Norton heath Centre in Essex was the venue for 2015. Attracting more show cars and growing into a bigger brand.


Rockingham Sign & Sealed

Stance Fever by now was getting a good reputation for quality over quantity so they needed a venue to live up to the HYPE, they managed to get in touch with Rockingham Motor Speedway 

Stance Fever 2016 was hosted at the Famous Rockingham Motor Speedway with the standard of cars turned right up, Top 100 show cars, trade stands, Live DJ, Drift Demos & competitions

With a huge success of Stance Fever 2016/ 2017 & 2018, Most recent show attracting over 800+ people. Things were looking good.

Rockingham motor speed way closure

Bad news  for stance fever on the closure of Rockingham Motor Speed way. They had to find a New Location, After searching and hunting, they finally secured the new location for 2019 at Cressing Temple Barns for the 21st July. Based around old barns and lots of greenery, this will sure make a great home for stance fever.