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Stance Fever 2019


Stance Fever 2019 was Hosted by Nick & Faz at a new venue "Cressing Temple Barns" this year due to the closure of Rockingham Raceway. After hunting for a suitable venue for a long time they where told about Cressing Temple Barns. At first they were a little sceptical as this is the venue for Roll Hard. But after finding out they no longer use this venue, they were both happy to take on this new venue. Every one in the car scene looks out for each other as both Nick & Faz are both fans and followers of RollHard events and the last thing they want is to upset the Rollhard team by using the same venue as them if they are still using it.

As this was there first event at this new location. the pressure was on to make sure this event attracts & goes down well, the website got revamped, and Applications went live for Show & Shine.

As the weeks and days drew closer to the event. The quality of show cars applying was phenomenon. Stance Fever is a show known to have "Quality of Quantity". All show cars are hand picked for Top 100.

The pressure was also on the pair from the Venue itself, Due to previous events getting out of hand and traffic building up and noise. etc etc. Nick & Faz had to note down every point and prove to the venue they can pull this event off with no problem for them to secure the venue for 2020.

The Show was a huge success with Quality show cars from all over to uk. Trade stands. Dj, Food stalls. Trophies and the weather was awesome.

A great day out for enthusiasts and families.

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